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It is believed that 80% of people will suffer from low back in at one point during their lifetime. There can be a variety of reasons that attribute to low back pain such as a sports injury, a sedentary job, poor posture or an accident. Regardless of where it stems from, our chiropractors in Jersey City, NJ are highly experienced in addressing your problem. At Jersey Premier Pain we can help diagnose your back pain and formulate the right course of treatment for your needs.

Causes for Low Back Pain

Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, Bulging Discs:  Spinal disc problems are the most common source of low back pain. Vertebral discs are composed of two parts; a thick outer layer called the annulus that protects the inner gel like nucleus. When there is injury, trauma, or aging- the intervertebral disc shrinks in height while bulging out at the spinal cord. This causes a pressure around the surrounding nerves resulting in pinched nerves. Jersey Premier Pain’s Chiropractors in Jersey City will be able to diagnose this condition and help you find relief from pain.

Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia is characterized as scattered musculoskeletal pain, meaning that it involves both muscles and bones. It is extremely common in young and middle aged adults who are otherwise healthy. Symptoms include fatigue, tiredness, pain and sensitivity at localized areas on the body. It should be noted how chiropractic visits will diminish pain and create an overall well being.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain: Dysfunction of the SI joint is a common cause of low back pain. Overtime, too much movement or too little movement can both have consequences on this joint that connects the sacrum to the pelvis.

Low Back Pain Treatments at Jersey Premier Pain

At Jersey Premier Pain, we have skilled chiropractors in Jersey City, NJ who specialize in low back pain treatments. Call the offices at 201-386-8800 to set up an examination with your pain specialist to receive your diagnosis and specialized treatment plan.

Dr. Jon Mingoia, D.C. is a chiropractor in Jersey City who has been extremely successful at treating low back pain with many different modalities.


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