Neck Pain – Chiropractors in Jersey City

Neck pain is a common complaint at Jersey Premier Pain‘s facility in Jersey City. ┬áThere are two forms of neck pain; acute and chronic. Acute neck pain has a sudden onset with a short duration while chronic neck pain has a history of 3 or so months. Our chiropractors in Jersey City have concluded neck pain to 5 major causes: whiplash, trauma or injury, poor posture, degenerative diseases, and muscle strain.

Many times pain specialists and chiropractors alike are looking for the root cause of the neck pain in order to formulate the best course of treatment. A very common occurrence nowadays is due to computer and smart phone use. The posture that we all adapt while typing away on keyboards has been straining our neck muscles and causing severe pain.

Whiplash is also a very popular cause of neck pain as seen by most chiropractors in Jersey City. Whiplash is caused by injury due to a car accident or contact sports and is an injury of the cervical spine. Having regular chiropractic examinations and evaluations can indicate if you suffer from whiplash.

It’s best not to let the pain get worse. Symptoms like tingling and numbness in the fingers, headaches, and a sharp pain in the arm are indicative of cervical pain. Scheduling a wellness appointment with our chiropractors in Jersey City will bring you closer to a diagnosis.


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