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Chiropractic care is one of the most effective methods of holistic pain management. According to a 2017 data review from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the use of chiropractors within the United States significantly increased in recent years. This type of pain management is highly effective, as it doesn’t simply treat the pain – it helps treat the source of the pain.

As one of the top providers of holistic pain management in Jersey City, Jersey Premier Pain offers the most advanced chiropractic care in the industry. Our skilled specialists will work with you to understand the cause of your pain, and do everything in their power to alleviate your discomfort. We know that everyone experiences pain differently, so our treatments are never one-size-fits-all. At Jersey Premier Pain, you’ll always receive quality care customized to your specific medical needs.

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    Types of Chiropractic Techniques

    Chiropractors are responsible for making sure that the body’s bones and joints are functioning properly. To do this, chiropractors are trained in over 100 techniques. These techniques have been developed to help stimulate the body’s natural healing system, reduce joint inflammation, relieve muscle tension, and much more.

    Some of the most commonly utilized chiropractic techniques include: 

    • Direct thrust technique – Also known as spinal manipulation, the direct thrust technique is one of the most well-known and frequently used chiropractic adjustments. Misaligned vertebrae can cause restricted motion, resulting in pain. To encourage vertebrae alignment, your chiropractor will apply pressure to your spinal column using a quick, shallow movement with either their hands or a specially designed instrument. 
    • Spinal mobilization – Patients with conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis require gentler techniques to align the vertebrae. This is where spinal mobilization can help. Instead of high-velocity thrusts, your chiropractor will use slow, firm pressure and gentle stretches to encourage spinal alignment.
    • Articulatory adjustment – This type of chiropractic adjustment is used to restore joints to their full range of motion, particularly after recovering from some type of physical trauma. To encourage mobility, your chiropractor will gently but firmly guide your joint through its full range of motion. The light pressure of this technique can help reduce stiffness and promote joint rehabilitation.
    • Myofascial release – Myofascial tissue is a thin layer of membranes that connect and support the body’s muscles. When the body undergoes stress from repetitive motion or physical trauma, the myofascial tissue can become stiff in certain areas – called “trigger points.” These trigger points can lead to pain. Sometimes, trigger points are difficult to find because patients may feel pain in a different part of the body. To locate trigger points, your chiropractor will work with you to detect these areas of stiffness, and release tension by applying gentle pressure.
    • Muscle energy technique – This chiropractic technique is a type of myofascial release. However, unlike a typical myofascial release technique, the patient will use their muscles to apply counter-pressure. Your chiropractor will direct you to engage specific muscles, and then apply counter-pressure to help relieve tension from your “trigger points.” To ensure that your full range of motion is targeted, your chiropractor will repeat this technique several times in different positions.
    • Indirect positional technique – Although overly-toned – “hypertonic” – muscles may sound like a good thing, they can lead to tightness and pain. For example, an office worker with a largely sedentary lifestyle may develop hypertonic pectoral muscles if they lift weights several times a week. These overly toned muscles can become tense and inflexible, causing bad posture by making the shoulders roll inward. The indirect positional technique remedies this by lengthening the muscles, thereby releasing tension at the joints.
    • Cervical spine manipulation – The “cervical spine” refers to the portion of the spine that makes up the neck. If the small spinal vertebrae of the cervical spine become misaligned, then headaches, neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder and arm discomfort, and diminished range of motion can result. To encourage the realignment of the vertebrae, chiropractors will use similar techniques to direct thrust or spinal mobilization. 
    • Functional technique – This type of chiropractic adjustment was developed to free joints from restriction and support mobility. Your chiropractor will apply gentle force to your joint while moving it through its full range of motion. If your chiropractor encounters a restriction in the motion, they will hold your joint in that specific position until that restriction releases. 

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    At Jersey Premier Pain, we don’t just heal the body, we enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Through holistic pain management techniques and advanced chiropractic care, our skilled and compassionate specialists have been helping patients improve their quality of life for years.

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