Dr. Jonathan Mingoia

Dr. Jonathan Mingoia grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey, and was involved in various athletics throughout much of his adolescence. During his junior year of high school, Dr. Mingoia experienced a debilitating back injury. While playing in a baseball game, he had severe back and shoulder pain and was unable to move. He turned to chiropractic medicine after traditional pharmacological interventions of muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories failed. It was through chiropractic treatment that his pain was eliminated and he regained full movement in his shoulders and back. Dr. Mingoia’s positive experience with chiropractic treatment is what inspired his career in chiropractic healthcare.

Dr. Mingoia graduated Life University in December of 2005

Dr. Mingoia is passionate about helping his patients. He offers a wide array of services to meet each individual patient’s needs. However, he knows the importance of not only what treatment is offered but also how it is offered. You can count on Dr. Mingoia to share his knowledge, expertise and caring attitude to satisfy all your individual needs.


Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
Life University


Certification in Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)


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