PAIN MANAGEMENT CLINIC SERVING BLOOMFIELDAccording to the CDC, each year millions of Americans sustain injuries while driving, working, shopping, playing sports, or engaging in everyday activities. Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever suffered whiplash from a car accident or a herniated disc from a slip and fall accident knows, these injuries often cause pain that is so intense, it interferes with work, play, sleep, and the enjoyment of life. Without proper treatment, the pain may never go away.

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At Jersey Premier Pain, our team of experienced therapists and chiropractors provide pain management at the highest levels for the Bloomfield, New Jersey area. Rather than simply medicating patients for temporary relief, we use a variety of strategies to address pain, including orthopedic therapy, cardiovascular and pulmonary therapy, neurological therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy. By targeting pain from multiple vantage points, we seek a lasting solution for our patients, without the drawbacks inherent in surgery or perpetual medication.

If you are suffering from an injury, don’t settle for a temporary fix. Contact us online or at 201-386-8800, and let our experts guide you to full recovery.

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    The Problem of Pain

    It happens all the time: someone slips and falls on a puddle while shopping and they wake up with back pain so severe they cannot get out of bed. Unfortunately, this type of pain often does not resolve by itself. This is where pain management comes in.

    Pain management seeks to control pain so the patient can resume a normal life. One approach, sadly overused in our society, is to treat only the symptoms of pain through medication, essentially providing a “quick fix.” Since pain often does not resolve on its own, a better approach is to attack the root of the problem. This is where our natural pain management options come into play.

    The Need for Multiple Approaches to Pain

    Many doctors limit their treatment of pain to medication and surgery. However, medication alone is, at best, a temporary fix. The pain resurfaces when the medication wears off, requiring yet more medication. This often creates an ongoing cycle of dependence. While doctors seek to avoid medication dependence through surgery, the reality is that surgy is often painful, risky, expensive, and does not always even work.

    There are natural, low-risk alternatives to medication and surgery that may provide lasting recovery to patients. Our treatment specialties include the following:

    • Physical Therapy, involving stimulation of muscles and nerves to increase orthopedic, cardiovascular, and pulmonary function and thereby decrease pain
    • Chiropractic Therapy, involving manual manipulation of joints into their proper alignment to reduce pain
    • Acupuncture Care, involving the use of small needles to soothe pain
    • Massage Therapy, involving the use of massage to rehabilitate injured muscles.

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    These natural treatments provide us with many more alternatives than mere medication or surgery. Because of that, we are better able to ascertain a patient’s needs and create a natural, low-risk treatment program specifically designed to target the patient’s pain.

    The Advantages to Using Multiple Approaches to Pain

    Our toolbox of natural treatment options aims to provide an intermediate path for those suffering from ongoing pain. We seek to provide the type of recovery and long-term pain solution offered by surgery, with a disruption level that’s more comparable to medication.

    Our natural treatment options offer many advantages over the use of medication or surgery, including the following:

    • Less risk of side effects. Many pain medications cause chemical side effects, some of which may be more debilitating than the pain they purport to treat. What is more, it is often impossible to predict who will be affected by these side effects. Because we emphasize natural treatment methods over medication, our treatment involves a lower risk of these side effects.
    • Less risk of drug interactions. Many pain medications are powerful and dangerous. People who take such pain medications must watch for drug interactions, which are sometimes fatal. Because we emphasize natural treatment methods over medication, our treatment involves a lower risk of drug interactions.
    • Less risk of dependence. Many pain medications, particularly opiates, are extremely addictive. Sometimes, people become addicted to painkillers after starting a poorly designed treatment program. Our natural treatment options inherently do not present the risk of chemical dependence.
    • Less risk of complications. Surgery is inherently dangerous. There is always some risk that internal bleeding, bacterial infection, or other various problems will arise. This is why we consider surgery to be a last resort. Our natural treatment options inherently bypass this risk of surgical complications.
    • No recovery time. Surgery, and in particular invasive surgery, often involves long recovery periods, sometimes lasting weeks, during which the patient may be in excruciating pain and may be completely unable to work, play, or otherwise enjoy life. Our natural treatment options do not feature long, excruciating recovery periods.
    • Expanded options to change treatment. Because pain is complicated, sometimes the first treatment option does not help. Switching medications, however, can be tricky, as the medical provider must carefully evaluate the new medication for risks, side effects, and drug interactions. It is even worse when surgery fails to provide relief, as often a second, follow-up surgery is necessary. By contrast, our natural pain management methods are easy to change and adapt to the needs of the patient. For example, if massage therapy does not help the patient feel better, it is easy to change the type of massage used. As a result, our natural treatment options allow us to shape our treatment according to the patient’s changing needs.
    • Less expense. Painkilling medication is often expensive and may be needed for months or even years. Surgery is even more expensive, often costing thousands of dollars for even quick, simple procedures. Our natural treatment options often cost far less and may resolve the patient’s pain before surgery is necessary.

    Our Team Can Help

    If you have been injured in the Bloomfield, New Jersey area, you have options other than endless medication and invasive, risky surgery. At Jersey Premier Pain, our team of highly experienced physical therapists and chiropractors can provide you with a personalized natural treatment program designed to help you get back to your regular life again. Give us a call at 201-386-8800 and experience the difference natural pain management can make.


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