Are you looking for additional options in cancer pain treatment? Do you want to try something that could potentially bring you long-lasting relief? You could regain control of your life and kick pain to the curb by trying radiofrequency ablation.

Don’t let pain take your joy. Improve your quality of life. Radiofrequency ablation uses technological advances to target your pain’s source and bring much-needed relief.

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What Is Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) destroys tissues in the body with radio waves that create heat. Using a small hollow needle inserted in your body, a pain specialist will use an attached electrode to deliver radiofrequency waves into the tissue to cause cell death in a small area of nerve tissue. When targeting pain, the probe will focus on nerves to stop them from sending pain signals to your brain.

The procedure takes anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, and you will lie down. To ensure your comfort, the pain specialist will administer a local anesthetic and a low dose of sedative. Most people experience only pressure and no pain.

After the procedure, you only need to remain at the clinic for a short time for monitoring. Then, you can go home, but you shouldn’t drive yourself. It can take up to 14 days for full pain relief to happen, but most people will feel results within ten days. The relief can last up to six months. Some people experience it for up to two years. However, you can have the procedure repeated as needed.

What Are the Benefits of RFA?

Beyond the lasting pain relief you can achieve with RFA, it can significantly improve your quality of life. Chronic pain can drag you down and interfere with your ability to enjoy any activities. You may feel stuck at home or be unable to participate in the activities you used to do because the pain is too intense.

With RFA, you get the relief that will allow you to be your old self again. Because you can have the procedure done multiple times, you can continue the freedom it affords you from pain.

RFA is also low risk. Potential risks include:

  • Permanent nerve damage where the treated nerve never recovers sensation
  • Increase in pain, which is usually temporary
  • Numbness in the treatment area
  • Infection of the treatment site
  • Lack of pain relief

Keep in mind that side effects are relatively uncommon with the procedure. Most people will have no issues at all.

In addition, RFA is minimally invasive and requires a short recovery. You don’t have to ingest medications that could cause a range of side effects or suffer through the pain.

You finally have the opportunity to regain control of your body and be the boss again, which can boost your self-esteem and mood.

Who Is Eligible for RFA?

Before you undergo treatment, your pain specialist will test you to ensure the procedure will benefit you. They do this by performing a nerve block injection. If you experience pain relief from this injection, you are a good candidate for RFA.

RFA can be highly beneficial if you cannot find pain relief through other means. It is helpful for cancer patients because it provides long-lasting relief that will not interfere with any other treatment the person may be receiving.

Certain individuals are not good candidates:

  • Those who do not respond well to the nerve block injection
  • People who are pregnant
  • People with an active infection
  • Those with a bleeding disorder

Also, individuals taking blood thinning medication may have to stop taking it before treatment. You should discuss this with your doctor before stopping the drug to ensure it is safe.

Why Should You Consider RFA?

RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION FOR CANCER PAIN TREATMENT Cancer can be an excruciating disease. Many medications or other pain treatment options do not provide the relief you need or offer long-term solutions to the pain.

If your situation involves chronic pain that will not go away, you need something to provide solid relief. RFA does this. It is a long-term solution.

After all the treatments you have undergone for cancer, it is difficult to think of dealing with more pain and suffering. You may also want to avoid anything that involves more time in the hospital.

RFA provides you with precisely what you need. You won’t have to undergo a serious surgery either. The process is simple enough that you don’t even have to stay overnight. You will be in the clinic for only a few hours.

Most people are up and moving shortly after the procedure. It won’t leave you suffering from side effects that are just as debilitating or restricting as the pain was.

Furthermore, once you go through RFA, you will know what to expect. It will make it easier to repeat the procedure to keep your pain under control. You can get back to living your life without having pain hold you back.

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We strive to ensure you have the highest comfort levels throughout the process by providing a welcoming, healing environment. While you won’t need to be here long, we ensure your time here is pleasant and stress-free. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

We value you and want to ensure you experience only compassionate, honest, and nurturing care when you visit our clinic. We strive to make your RFA experience something you consider healing and beneficial.

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