Pain. It can drain the enjoyment out of an activity, distract us from friends and family, and prevent us from living in the moment. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that at least 20.4 percent of U.S. adults live with chronic pain. Unfortunately, many people feel forced to trudge through their lives, either suffering from pain or being told that drugs are their only solution. However, many pain-killing drugs can lead to dependencies and drug additions. What if there was a better way to manage your pain?

Jersey Premier Pain specializes in a holistic approach to pain management, offering a variety of services that can be tailored to your specific needs. We strongly believe that you don’t have to choose between living a life of pain or dulling your senses with drugs. There are other options, and our team is here to help you explore them. Check out the top four alternatives to pain medication and how they can change your life.

Pain Treatment Plan Tailored to You

At Jersey Premier Pain, we take a holistic approach to pain management, meaning we’ll work to understand the cause of your pain, and then address it using the combination of methods that are best suited to your needs. Following are four alternatives to pain medication to consider:


Massage is an impressive pain management tool for a wide range of concerns, from cancer to joint and muscle pain, sports injuries, even digestive disorders. Massage isn’t just a relaxing experience, it triggers several mechanisms that studies find can help manage pain. It can ease tense muscles and joints, allowing them to relax and loosen and also easing pressure on the skeletal system. Massage can increase blood flow, and stimulate the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system, decreasing swelling and improving natural immunity. Massage also helps to decrease stress and anxiety. Healing emotional pain does wonders for easing physical pain.

There are several types of massage from deep tissue to Swedish, trigger point, and prenatal. Talk to a professional with Jersey Premier Pain about your specific pain concerns, and we’ll help design a massage plan for you.


Acupuncture has been an important part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Its roots are in pain management. Acupuncture needles placed on certain points of the body and may stimulate nerves, muscles, and tissue, which can boost the body’s natural pain-killing response. As with massage, there are several varieties of acupuncture, all addressing different needs. A practitioner with Jersey Premier Pain can help you determine which form best suits your unique needs.

Chiropractic Care

Your bones, joints, and muscles work in coordination with one another to keep your body functioning. When even one is injured, or out of alignment, it can throw the entire system out of balance, causing pain, tension, and inflammation. Chiropractic care can put these systems back into alignment with one another and stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. Jersey Premier Pain has skilled professionals who begin by getting to the root of your pain before selecting chiropractic techniques to address your concerns.

Physical Therapy

Whether you are suffering pain from an accident, sports injury, or medical condition, physical therapy can help relieve pain, build strength, and retrain the body. At Jersey Premier Pain, we want to help you achieve lasting pain relief and meaningful rehabilitation.

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These pain relief options open new doors to people suffering from pain. If you are interested in finding better ways to manage your pain, contact Jersey Premier Pain at 201-386-8800. We want to help you find a holistic approach to pain management that works for you. You can break the cycle of pain and suffering without resorting solely to drugs, let us show you how.


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