PAIN MANAGEMENT SERVING SECAUCUSChronic pain takes many different forms, depending on what causes it. Perhaps it doesn’t affect your life much but it is still an annoyance when bouts of pain happen. Or maybe it is so unbearable and constant that it has become a detriment to your life and work. No matter the type of pain you experience, you deserve to access high-quality, comprehensive pain management and treatment services.

The pain management experts at Jersey Premier Pain work with chronic pain patients in the Secaucus area, using distinctive evidence-based approaches that consider whole-body health. Begin reclaiming your life from chronic pain today by calling our office at 201-386-8800. In an initial consultation, we can discuss the nature of your pain and begin designing a tailored treatment solution for you.

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    Forms of Chronic Pain We Treat

    Chronic pain may develop in any region of the body. We will work with you to identify the direct source and focus our healing on that area. Common pain conditions we treat include:

    • Chronic back pain – Back pain may result from an accident, a chronic disease like arthritis, a structural problem like a ruptured disc or pulled muscle or poor posture over time.
    • Herniated discs – This painful back problem commonly affects older patients and can result from the erosion and increased fragility of discs as we age.
    • Neck pain – A chronic stiff and painful neck can develop from repetitive or “unnatural” motion, nervous systems, muscle strains, or even infectious diseases such as meningitis.
    • Headaches – Headaches have a variety of causes and can occur in various regions of the head. Some exist by themselves and have a direct underlying medical cause, while others appear as a “side effect” of another ailment.
    • Cancer-related pain – If a cancerous growth makes contact with nerves or bones, pain can result. Chronic pain may also be a side effect of strong chemotherapy medications.
    • Sports injuries – Sports injuries can affect anyone at any age. In some severe cases, they may train the nervous system to become hypersensitive to pain over a longer term.

    Why Chronic Pain Occurs

    There is no single reason that chronic pain develops. Your medical team must consider various factors to determine a specific cause, including your health history and the nature and duration of the pain. We commonly see chronic pain develop because of the following conditions:

    • Rheumatoid arthritis/other forms of arthritis – Arthritis patients suffer from an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the joints. Over time, joint tissue can erode, causing the bones to rub against each other or a nearby nerve. Therefore, as arthritis progresses, so might chronic pain.
    • Chronic migraine – Migraines are painful headaches that can occur on one or both sides of the head. The pain migraine sufferers feel often accompanies other symptoms that compound their distress, including nausea/vomiting, balance problems, and light sensitivity. Some patients may experience a migraine after exposure to a trigger food or substance in the environment or feel an “aura” or other symptoms before the headache sets in. Researchers believe some people have a genetic propensity to develop migraines.
    • Fibromyalgia – Fibromyalgia consists of chronic pain across muscles, joints, and skin and is often accompanied by fatigue. No one knows why people develop fibromyalgia, but researchers believe it is linked to improper central nervous system function and genetic factors. Pain may begin or increase if a patient feels stressed.
    • Injury – If you were severely injured in an accident, you could experience lingering long-term health effects, including chronic pain.
    • Nervous or endocrine disorders – If your endocrine system does not manage certain hormones in the correct amount, or if glial cells in your nervous system do not function properly, you may have a propensity to develop chronic pain.

    Ways We Treat Chronic Pain

    holistic approach to pain management

    When a medical team sees a chronic pain patient, they will often offer prescription painkillers or other procedures as treatment. While this “conventional” approach can help some people restore their quality of life, it is not always adequate to relieve pain over the long term. Pain medications can have damaging side effects and foster addiction, and patients should not have to rely on them for relief.

    Jersey Premier Pain team takes an approach to pain management that focuses on our patients’ whole-body health and relieves their pain over the long term. We begin with solutions that provide direct relief where you feel pain and focus on keeping it away.

    As we assemble a treatment plan for you, we will consider your medical history, circumstances, pain location, and pain level. Some services you might expect from your plan include:

    • Physical therapy – Our physical therapists know how to manage pain comfortably and at the source, and they will design a plan based on your age and medical needs. Each PT session will help relieve pain, restore mobility and strength, boost your circulation, and stimulate healthy nerve function.
    • Chiropractic care – Chiropractors, like physical therapists, use their hands to address chronic pain at its source. In a chiropractic session, we will focus on the proper function of your body’s joints through gentle manipulation and stimulation techniques.
    • Acupuncture – In acupuncture, the goal is to stimulate “pressure points” that relieve pain. Acupuncture sessions can take many different forms, including needleless techniques such as manual pressure, electrical stimulation, or magnetic or heat stimulation.
    • Massage therapy – Massage therapists treat chronic pain through soothing manipulation. Our therapist stays up to date with various massage techniques that focus on specific pain points and whole-body relief.
    • “Conventional” pain management – In some cases, we will accompany holistic techniques with conventional medical methods, such as using cortisone shots to relieve joint pain.

    Big Pain Relief from a “Small-Town” Clinic

    Jersey Premier Pain is the practice of chiropractor Dr. Winson Ma, with physical therapist Dr. Sunil Hamadani. Each practitioner and associate who works with us is board-certified and focuses on using state-of-the-art techniques and technology to address chronic pain. We treat our patients and colleagues like members of our own family and work together across disciplines to design and execute each patient’s treatment plan. You, your satisfaction, your health, and your involvement in care are paramount to us.

    If you’re in the Secaucus area and want to escape the clutches of chronic pain, schedule an appointment with us today by calling 201-386-8800.


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